Serpentine Table MM By Atelier Oï

30 000,00€

Atelier Oï’s newest addition to the Objets Nomades Collection, the Serpentine Table was inspired by the intricate, flowing movements of traditional dances. The bevelled glass top rests on a play of crisscrossing walnut legs held in place by finely worked straps of blue Louis Vuitton leather. 

165 x 73 x 165 cm
(Length x Height x Width)
  • Height: 73 cm/28.7 inches
  • Table top diameter: 165 cm/65 inches, thickness: 10 cm/3.9 inches
  • Table top weight: 53 kg/116 lbs
  • Foot width: 92 cm/36.2 inches
  • Foot table top: 7 kg/15.4 lbs
  • Seats 4 to 6
  • Made in France