How do I take care of my jewellery?

Fine Jewelry

Created with delicate accuracy and precious materials, Louis Vuitton's Fine Jewelry is a delightful companion that will stand the test of time. To ensure your  treasure's lasting beauty, please note the following considerations:

Cleaning instructions Pieces can be cleaned with warm water (no higher than 30°C). Using a brush is not recommended. Dry completely before polishing with jewelry polishing cloth (specific and adapted - 50% polyester/50% nylon only very soft touch). If your jewellery is made of mother-of-pearl or ornamental stones, clean it regularly using a soft cloth or plain water. Let it dry thoroughly each time it is cleaned. Mother-of-pearl, an organic substance, and ornamental stones may be damaged by various conditions or practices.
Care instructions Ensure your piece is stored in the pouch or box provided at purchase to avoid scratches and debris. Store each piece separately to avoid abrasion caused by other jewelry.Protect your piece from external shock, as this can affect the setting and its performance capabilities.We strongly recommend applying fragrances or cosmetics before wearing your jewelry, allowing sufficient drying time to avoid direct contact with stone or mother-of-pearl, and avoid exposing your jewelry to high temperatures. For refreshing, polishing services or any other specific care information, please contact a jewelry specialist in our Louis Vuitton boutiques.

Please note that High Jewelry pieces should only be entrusted to a specialist in one of our Louis Vuitton boutiques as these are extraordinary creations that require specific care.

For any questions regarding Louis Vuitton Fine Jewellery care instructions, please refer to the Fine Jewelry leaflet.

For any questions regarding Louis Vuitton for UNICEF care instructions, please refer to the UNICEF Chains leaflet  or the UNICEF Animations leaflet.   

For any question regarding the Louis Vuitton LV VOLT UPSIDE DOWN PLAY Fine jewelry care instructions, you can refer to the LV VOLT UPSIDE DOWN PLAY leaflet.