How to personalise Louis Vuitton products?

For over 160 years, Special Orders have been a tradition at Louis Vuitton, who take pride in fulfilling travellers’ most exceptional requests helping them to satisfy a specific need, express their individuality or realise a dream.

Louis Vuitton has always offered personalisation services such as hot-stamping or hand-painting. Taking this one step further, with My LV Heritage, Louis Vuitton now also proposes a way to personalise a monogram or damier bag and really make it one’s own.

Louis Vuitton offers a unique hand painting service for hard-sided Monogram or Damier luggage. This service is complimentary and can be requested in any Louis Vuitton store.

Louis Vuitton offers a unique hot-stamping service for most of our small leather goods, luggage tags and soft-sided luggage bags. A preview of this service is available online in the individual product page. This service is complimentary and can be requested in any Louis Vuitton store, online or over the phone when placing an order via our Client Service.

With My LV Heritage it is possible to create and own a truly unique bag by personalising a selection of bags, suitcases and small leather goods.

A set of two-tone initials of up to three letters, either vertical or diagonal stripes, or a combination of both initials and stripes can be chosen from a range of 17 different colours resulting in more than 200 million possible combinations per item.

Once the combination choice has been made, the order is then sent directly to one of the Louis Vuitton workshops where the personalised unique Monogram bag is created and hand assembled.

This service is available available online on and in some of our stores. Stores offering this service can be found under the STORE section or by calling Client Service on +44 20 7998 6286.

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