Spiral Chandelier By Atelier Oï

29 900,00€

Originally designed as a monumental five-metre-high lighting feature for the Café Louis Vuitton in Chengdu, China, Atelier Oï’s Spiral Chandelier is a stunning sculpture of leather and light. In this 1.2-metre home version, 36 elegantly twisted bicolour leather straps are given interlocking volume and form by a series of champagne-coloured metal circles. With coloured leather on one side and metallized leather on the other, the straps – which together are 145 metres long – reflect light from the lamp's LEDs to create a continuously changing play of sparkling radiance. The Chandelier can be paired with Atelier Oï's leather-strap Spiral Lamps, with both available in the same three colors: Cream, Fire Red and Electric Blue.

  • Ø 110 x 120 cm
  • (Diameter x height)
  • Weight: 14 kg
  • Fire Red and Gold
  • Aluminium structure with two-tone cowhide strips
  • Glass extra-radiant LED element
  • Limited edition of 30
  • Made in France