The Centre Pompidou in Paris was recreated within the Cour Carrée of the Louvre for the Louis Vuitton Fall-Winter 2019 Fashion Show.

From within one iconic cultural institution, another rises for a finite moment in time. The concept of Nicolas Ghesquière’s Louis Vuitton Women’s Fall-Winter 2019 Fashion Show alludes to the idea of being a “museum within a museum”. Located in the Cour Carrée of the Musée du Louvre in Paris, the interior and exterior scenography references the architecture of the Centre Pompidou which sits only a kilometre away. Designed by Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers and inaugurated in 1977, the multicultural venue rapidly became one of the most recognisable and popular modern monuments worldwide, despite the considerable controversy surrounding it.

Today, the building is considered an emblem of 20th-century architecture, boasting a series of technical characteristics that make it unique in the world. With the bold conviction that an institution is also a cultural machine, the Centre Pompidou both literally and figuratively inverts the traditional structures to bring the inside out and outside in. What would normally be hidden from the public has been instead brought out and made visible with a simple colour code: green for circulating water, blue for air, yellow for electricity, and red for the humans. At the Centre Pompidou, as in fashion, everything’s a matter of flow.

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Fashion Show Nicolas Ghesquière Fall-Winter