Bags Unpacked: Pierre Le-Tan and Bertil Scali tell the stories of travellers around the world and reveal the secrets of their luggage.

An irresistible collection of the most glamorous, worldly and discerning travellers’ tales. Who packed ‘a thousand absolutely necessary suitcases’? Who rediscovered his notes for a perennial bestseller in a trunk at the Paris Ritz? Whose trunk contained a bed?

Here are around fifty intrepid travellers from the age of the steamer to the present: actors and heiresses, aristocrats and adventurers, rock stars, artists and fashion royalty, from Sarah Bernhardt to Sharon Stone, Tamara de Lempicka to Madonna, Paul Poiret to Karl Lagerfeld, Henri Matisse to Jeff Koons.

Pierre Le-Tan’s portraits perfectly complement Bertil Scali’s witty, entertaining stories, which unpack the bags of the famous and their first-class lifestyles for all to enjoy.

We could weave an invisible thread linking these artists, explorers and inventors whose paths often crossed, forming a kind of constellation, a cluster of life’s travellers, the aesthetes of travel.

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