With this new High Jewelry Collection, Louis Vuitton pays tribute to the powerful vision that impelled so many medieval heroines to forge their own destiny.

Medieval heroines, as embodiments of the values of determination and independence, served as inspiration for Louis Vuitton's new High Jewellery Collection: Riders of the Knights. The over fifty pieces tell stories of women who make their mark on the world they inhabit and shape their own fate. This new Collection achieves an immersive aesthetic drawn from medieval codes of chivalry and heraldic crests.

Glittering gems and diamonds create a luminous choreography on "Le Royaume", "La Cavalière", "La Reine", and "L'Intuition" necklaces, rings, earrings and more. A wealth of details distinguishes this new opus, attesting to such virtuosity as only the most accomplished jewellers possess. Each of these figurative pieces tells a story where Louis Vuitton's many creative facets find expression - whether it is in the architectural simplicity of a fortress, the luminescent transience of intuition, or the protective aura of a talisman.

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