Introducing French Art de Vivre ‘Louis Vuitton and London,’ that celebrates the house’s savoir-faire and its continuing spirit of innovation.

Commending Louis Vuitton’s history with London that began when Georges Vuitton opened his first London store on March 1st 1885, it features a remarkable collection of the house’s archive trunks.

The Men’s Club will present historic pieces from the archives alongside current collections that celebrate the British art of lifestyle and entertainment. Created in the legendary Asnières atelier in France, each Louis Vuitton trunk takes shape according to the dreams and desires of clients from around the world.

Classic British sport pastimes are highlighted with notable trunks including lawn and poker sets. DJ and casino trunks celebrate leisure activities whilst champagne, wine and caviar trunks acknowledge the fine art of dining.

Remaining faithful to the spirit of its founder, Louis Vuitton, who invented a genuine “Art of Packing” the Men’s Club also honour a selection of trunks for travel including, sea, land and air.

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