The six Capucines bags in the new Artycapucines Collection showcase both the six artists’ creativity as well as the innovation and savoir-faire of Louis Vuitton’s ateliers.

Sam Falls’ Capucines began as a large original artwork that is reproduced in all its delicacy, depth and texture using a jacquard weave, high-definition printing, and precise handmade embroidery. The bag’s beautifully worked fabric is accompanied by the natural simplicity of a mother-of-pearl logo and handle rings. 

Urs Fischer’s “hanging sculpture” transforms his Capucines into a customisable work of art. The “blank canvas” of the bag’s white Taurillon leather comes with six hyper-realistic, hand-painted silicone pieces of fruit and vegetables, which can each be hung from the bag on a delicate gold-plated brass chain.

Inspired by the flower on Louis Vuitton’s Monogram canvas, the patches on Nicholas Hlobo’s Capucines appear to have grown organically from its interior. Painstakingly attached with heavily worked embroidery, their blue tones and contrasting texture stand out against the bag’s smooth black exterior to create a beautiful, handmade hybrid object. 

High-gloss Los Angeles life is transplanted to the most Parisian of bags in Alex Israel’s Capucines, which showcases the prodigious craft of Louis Vuitton’s ateliers. As the waves of deep, lustrously coloured leather glisten, two decorative, yet functional surfboard fins rise from the interior: one has a comb attached, the other a mirror.  

Nineteen types of leather – some upcycled from Louis Vuitton ateliers – are used in the remarkable patchwork that graces Tschabalala Self’s Capucines. The shapes, based upon her deconstruction of the House’s Monogram pattern, are attached using deliberately imperfect stitching to instigate an unconventional dialogue with the bag’s perfectly crafted exterior.

The matte pink LV logo and playful giraffe charm are perfectly set off by the predominantly black and white body of Jonas Wood’s Capucines. This pattern, based upon a “landscape pot” painting of his, is first printed onto the bag’s exterior, before being embroidered with over 200,000 stitches to create an impression of rich tactile texture and depth. 

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